We have twelve double rooms with hot shower baths. Prices are ₹1,200 for single person, ₹2,000 for double under amrrican plans(AP). Special dietary requirements will also be fulfilled. Other plans are also given.

We are located in an apricot mountains of himalayan range on south side and indus river on the north. At altitude of 3100m(10,200ft). Which is 400 metres below the city airport. And since we are in a greener valley, you will have easier time acclamatising and adapting to the region before you continue your journey.

You have to drive for an hour to reach our doorsteps. From the airport. The fare of taxi is ₹2000. We arrange taxi for you if you contact us. alchi-photosAlchi has a World famous 11th century buddhist temple, smeared with rich kashmiri rock color fresco paintings. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2dHARD8EMX0 .

Alchi is also a halt point in the famous ancient ‘silk route’. Relics can be found as ‘bon’ inscriptions on rocks from as early as before the advent of budshism in Tibet, according to people.

Alchi is also the cente for several hiking (trekking) routes; tar, chiling, sumda, lama yuru.