Welcome to Ladakh

Ladakh is a cluster of valleys along the bank of Indus river and its tributaries. It’s cut off from the rest of nation in 5 months of the winter due to heavy snow fall. It’s a cold dessert with very little rainfall, vegetation and, consequently, very less population. Our agricultural products are; apricot, barley, seabuckthorn, pashmina, wool and wheat.we keep Yak, sheep, goat, horse, bactarian camel among the lifestocks.

Or culture is related primarily to Tibet.  alchi-photos wild animals like ibex, marmot,wild ass, deer are frequently seen. Birds like black billed magpie, black necked crane, golden oriole, golden eagle, brown headed gull, himalayan griffon, snow pigeon, tibetan snow cock, chukar and robin accenter are birds of ladakh to name a few.

We wear a decent amount of gold and silver ornaments along with semi precious stones, torquoise and pearl being the most commonly used. Our quisine is also unique… We eat paba, thukpa, kholag, sku, chutagi, mokmok, trapu, tagi khambir, gurgur tea is himalaya special, too.!

Now in sports, we enjoy polo, archery, ice hockey (in winter). We have quite a number of festivals in ladakh. Hemis festival, sindu darshan festival, ladakh festival ( in june, july and september months).

The activities you can do here are; visiting Gompas, trekking, cycling🚴 hiking🎿 mountain climbing, motorbike tour⛽, river rafting🏄 ziplining, farming, homestay, ladakhi cooking class😉 etc… 😋


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